About us

Quiénes Somos

Established in 1998, Ortiz&Asociados has a team of 20 professionals with offices in Valencia, Madrid and Tbilisi (Georgia).

Provides advice in all areas of law, especially in commercial matters. In this sense, the firm has adapted to the constant change of the world of business to help customers and find the most appropriate legal solutions.

In addition, being a multidisciplinary legal study implies that our lawyers are experts in different areas of law. Part of our strength lies in the specialization of our team that is able to give the most appropriate response to meet the specific needs of each client. The commitment to internationalization is another of the strong pillars of the firm. We have participated in more than 15 commercial missions of the ICEX and attended dozens of fairs in Japan, India, China or Canada.

In the same vein, the recent opening of our offices in Georgia, in addition to those in Valencia and Madrid, allows us to offer clients business opportunities in one of the states with the most economic projection currently. The unification European Union-Georgia has opened a market in which to settle and the Spanish companies demand it. From Ortiz&Asociados we maintain a fluid relationship with the Georgian government that allows us to know the investment possibilities and obtain beneficial economic results for our clients.